Swollen anus: Causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments - Bruised tissue near anus

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A perianal hematoma looks like a blue. A perianal hematoma is a pool of blood that collects in the tissue surrounding the anus. Perianal hematomas only occur outside the anus. A perianal hematoma looks like a blue bruise under the skin or a dark-purple.

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By Gohn - 13:49
Anal itching; rectal bleeding; pain; a palpable lump near the anus sexual activity involving the anus can irritate the sensitive tissues around it.
By Malagami - 09:02
These can cause pain and irritation, damage the skin around the anus and sometimes lead to bright red blood spotting on toilet paper or in the toilet bowl.
By Kazizil - 10:36
Also, read about the symptoms, causes, treatment and prevention of anal fissures​. sore (ulcer) that develops in the lining of the large intestine, near the anus.
By Kazijind - 02:18
Most anal fissures heal with home treatment after a few days or weeks. You may see a small spot of bright red blood on toilet tissue or a few drops in the toilet​.
By Tagis - 15:45
Haemorrhoids/piles are enlarged and swollen blood vessels which are in or around the lower rectum and the anus. Most of the time you are not aware of having.

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